International fashion houses, home-grown Melbourne style & beauty specialists makes Chapel Street the ultimate destination for fashion & beauty.

Here is is a unique look our eclectic collection of retailers, beauty makers and fashionistas.

New to Chapel Street in May 2017

When did that open!? New to Chapel Street in May 2017

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Chapel Street is a living, moving beast & we wouldn’t have it any other way. Each month we see new businesses push the boundaries by offering something exciting for those...
Best Places to Shop on Greville Street

The Best of Greville Street – Where to Shop

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If you’ve never taken a trip to Greville Street, you’re seriously missing out. This petite Prahran street leads you gently from the hustle of Chapel Street, into a warm village...

Nana Judy Moments Collection – New Season Style by Nikki

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I don’t know where the name comes from and I may even be pronouncing it incorrectly, but there is nothing ‘Nanna’ about Nana Judy right now and I mean that...

Winter White Snow Queen – New Season Style by Nikki

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If you’re anything like me, winter tends to mean a season of scrubbing off what I tell people is just a ‘lightly tinted moisturiser’ but is legit fake tan. I...
New to Chapel Street in April 2017

Looks Who’s Moved in! New to Chapel Street in April 2017.

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Take your eyes away for two minutes & BANG - someone moves into Chapel, ready to shake things up! If you haven’t been keeping your ear to the ground, here’s...
Babes with Brows

Babes with Brows

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Brows are back baby and everyone’s talking about Babes with Brows. Faultless; shaped to perfection, arches that won’t stop and hair that behaves so well it could be under a...
Chapel Street Fashion

Long Live the Loafer – New Season Style by Nikki

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When Gucci reworked their own loafer and turned it into a must-have item for 2017, I poured myself a whisky and celebrated that my inner Grandpa could again shine through....
Mr Zimi arrives in South Yarra

Mister Zimi arrives in South Yarra

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The excitement levels are at 1000% with the opening of Chapel Street’s newest fashion retailer, Australian fashion brand Mister Zimi. The Mister Zimi flagship store at 555a Chapel Street is...
Kookai Chapel Street

Kookai AW17 Showcase

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Kookai are renowned for their runway events - if you manage to score an invite, you always RSVP 'attending'. The scene was set this year at The George Ballroom in St...
Chapel Street Stylist

Nikki Pash – The New Official Chapel Street Stylist!

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STRAIGHT FROM BEING FEATURED IN VOGUE ...  We welcome Nikki Pash to the Chapel Street Family as our Official Chapel Street Stylist for shoppers!  Nikki Pash is one half of...
Chapel Street Fashion

Circles and Stars – New Season Style by Nikki

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This season’s accessory trend is all about cosmic clusters and circles. Nikki Pash from States of Style explains how to style circles and stars on Chapel Street.