When selecting jewellery, I like to run everything through a ‘would Erin wear these?’ test. By Erin, I’m referring to Erin Wasson of course; an American supermodel you’ve probably seen on a Maybelline ad at some point in your life without much consideration. The only issue with you not taking much notice is that she just so happens to be the coolest person in the world. According to me.

For the first time in a long while I think this girl from the land of stars and stripes would approve of the latest trend of circles and stars. This season it’s all about cosmic clusters and, well, circles.

Let’s start with the celestial situation. Maybe it was the ginormous rocket (did you see that bad boy?!) or maybe it was all of the glitter on the boots, but since scrolling through the Chanel Fall 2017 runway on my trusted desktop, I’ve been starry eyed for anything to do with space. Thankfully this has translated into a trend that I can afford to play with, mostly in the form of earrings. For this look, think big. We are not talking a dainty, five pointed mini stud here. Essentially, these stars are replacing the Dolce & Gabbana-esque cross earrings you wore last year.

Next we have the circles. Not just hoops, but circles as well. Big, small, fat, skinny – there is no prejudice in this next earring trend. Personally, I like to think of myself as somewhat similar to Jessica Alba in the movie ‘Honey’ when wearing hoops and opt for the big, fat variety. Unfortunately for me, I’m always disappointed to realise I’m still severely lacking in any form of rhythm and/or dance skills, but I’m pretty sure the hoops still help.

Rock yours however you would like. Erin Wasson approves.

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Chapel Street Fashion
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Nikki’s style is distinctly Melbourne and recently featured in Harper’s BAZAAR. Whether it’s mixing a graphic tee with a flowing skirt and a chunky necklace, or donning a slinky little black dress – the sky’s the limit when it comes to style for Nikki!

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