If you’ve never taken a trip to Greville Street, you’re seriously missing out. This petite Prahran street leads you gently from the hustle of Chapel Street, into a warm village of boutique makers, retailers & artists. Not a single soul has ventured to Greville Street without vowing to return again. And again. And again.

Once the epicenter of bohemian culture in Melbourne, Greville has kept it’s boho-chic aesthetic, while welcoming some of Australia’s favourite retailers into its collective of independents. If you’ve never been to this wondrous part of Melbourne, or haven’t visited in a little while – let us show you the way. Where best to start than with a spot of shopping?

Best Places to Shop on Greville Street

Your first step into Artboy Gallery will be an assault on the senses – defend the urge to look everywhere at once. Instead take your time and soak it all in. Part pop culture artist alley, part minimal exhibition space – local pop, lowbrow and urban scene artwork is displayed on every free wall, bollard and easel. The colours are vivid and vibrant, you’ll love every second.

Best Places to Shop on Greville Street

Brick + Mortar Supply is a throwback to the way retail was, before the internet and online shopping. As you would expect from a retailer who is taking it back to pre-2K, experience is everything. Starting life in 2013, Brick + Mortar Supply is all about street, skate, fashion & lifestyle. Displayed asymmetrically & perfectly aligned are brands that we all love, but struggle to find, from small and local to international and independent brands. Carhartt W.I.P, Epokhe and Dickies are stacked & arranged ready for the picking. They get the best of the best, so don’t bother looking around – you know exactly where to go. Known for their out of hours art exhibitions, live band concerts, skate premiers and photo exhibitions – Brick + Mortar is more than meets the eye.

Best Places to Shop on Greville Street

People love the smell in Wootten, Prahran’s cordwainer & leather craftsman. It’s not anything in particular, but there is an undeniable hint of quality in the air. Jess Wootten is the head cordwainer, a strapping chap making some of Melbourne’s finest custom leather shoes, boots, bags, and accessories. Wootten’s passion for his craft and attention to detail can be seen on each stitch & every single item in this Grattan Street store. Stylish, well made shoes never go out of fashion, so make your way to Wootten and be prepared to order a pair on first glance.

Best Places to Shop on Greville Street

The oldest remaining retailer on the street, Greville Records is a beacon radiating everything that Greville Street was, is and always will be. Independent, lightly-off mainstream and a place to travel to. Here you’ll find people of all backgrounds after one thing – good music and hard to find vinyl. Add to that a feeling of community & damn cool place to hang out – you literally can’t beat it. Make sure you keep an antenna to the sky for their next Sunday live music session – like the pied piper the bands playing lure people from all around for a taste of music how it’s meant to be heard.

Best Places to Shop on Greville Street

Who said that to be a Melbournian you must always, always be wearing black? Whoever they were, FOOL would most definitely disagree. Bright, bold, and closer to quirk than cool – They dress everyone from Barristers, to Drag Queens and everyone in-between. FOOL stands out with clothes that are filled with life and individuality.

Anchor Place
Best Places to Shop on Greville Street

Sitting pride of place at the corner of Greville & Izett Street’s is Anchor Place. With windows all around, Anchor Place houses vintage clothing that any self-proclaimed hipster or fashionista would be proud to own. Well maintained, expertly curated and timeless in design. The bomber jackets that can be seen from the window make people stop & stare, but it’s the vintage leather that we think deserves some major envy.

Best Places to Shop on Greville Street

One Point Seven Four (or 1.74 to friends) is a small, beautifully designed retail store with the most amazing collection of eyewear. Walls are lined with the best of the best eyewear collections from across the globe, including lines from Victoria Beckham, Dita, Super & Thom Browne. They can also customise pieces if you want something a little extra special.

Best Places to Shop on Greville Street

They print stuff. Onto other stuff. And they’re good at it. Seriously. You can let your imagination go wild and print something completely ridiculous, or choose something from their range. If you were asking us, we’d say go all Louis Litt crazy and get a selfie t-shirt printed for your mum. She’ll love it. Probably. #getlittup

Best Places to Shop on Greville Street

“It’s always sunny in the Lunarsphere.” Bright, cutesy, and supporting the best of the area’s local artisans – The Lunar Store is known for being a bit off-beat, but right on tune when it comes to finding special gifts. As supporters of local brands (a few of their faces being Bridget Bodenham, Emily Green, Alchemy Produx, and Ruby Pilven) you know that everything displayed in this little pocket of sunshine is special.

Best Places to Shop on Greville Street

There’s something special about sitting down with a magazine & a coffee. Time slows down, worldly worries fade away, the universe is at its best. If you’re going to indulge in a treat of caffeine and words, the only place to do it is at Mag Nation on Greville Street. Stocking the best specialist magazines, kitsch giftware, stationery & coffee – they’ll have something on hand that is just right for your mood. Right by the Prahran Train Station, grab and go, or wander to Grattan Gardens for a leisurely sip and flick pace.

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