Everything you baulked at that Rachael was wearing on ‘Friends’ is basically what you’re aiming to fill your closet with this season. The 90s & mom jeans are back in a big way and it’s not necessarily as easy as its low key vibe suggests to pull off.

Mom jeans’ are a must have this winter. They will automatically update your wardrobe and are as comfortable as they are daggy. For those of you unfamiliar to the ‘Mom jean’, they’re what you would imagine. It’s like your fave boyfriend jeans having a child with your high-waisted skinny jeans. Sounds horrific? It can be.

The key to finding a good pair is all based on the hips and butt. You need them to be high waisted enough that they taper in at the top and still give you a waist, but not have too much extra hip area that you are contending to be a circus tent. These are a must-try-on-in-store-and-have-a-friend-present-that-you-trust type of purchase.

The beauty of ‘mom jeans’ is that they go with every T-shirt you’ve ever owned. Still got that Hanson band tee stuffed in your drawer? Perfect! Went through an Adidas phase when you finally figured out the acronym and felt you had to prove it? Even better. You can literally throw on that Beverly Hills 90210 hyper colour tie dye Tee situation you stole from your sister and walk down the street with all the confidence in the world. Actually, if you have one of those let me know – I lost my sisters’.

Chapel Street Fashion
Chapel Street Fashion
Chapel Street Fashion
Chapel Street Fashion
Chapel Street Fashion

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Nikki Pash is one half of the fashion-blogging powerhouse duo STATES OF STYLE. The brainchild of cousins Nikki and Michelle, the girls have always appreciated the distinctive ways individuals can create a unique outfit that represents their own personality.

Nikki’s style is distinctly Melbourne and recently featured in Harper’s BAZAAR. Whether it’s mixing a graphic tee with a flowing skirt and a chunky necklace, or donning a slinky little black dress – the sky’s the limit when it comes to style for Nikki!

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