If you’re anything like me, winter tends to mean a season of scrubbing off what I tell people is just a ‘lightly tinted moisturiser’ but is legit fake tan.

I can’t handle my lack-lustre, pale-aspumice skin in it’s natural shade after three months of Melbourne’s bleak forecast. The thought of wearing white in the middle of winter can be scary across this time for a couple of reasons;

  • If you’ve applied ‘lightly tinted moisturiser’, you’ll risk looking even more like an oompa-loompa and have the tell tale signs streaked around the armpits.

  • You’ll stand out immensely, because Melbourne = black.

To save face, or entire body in this instance, I suggest channelling some Sacha Fierce and owning white this winter because who wants to blend in anyway.

The best part about wearing white is that you can pair it with almost anything. There are a couple of rules for wearing white however, and these aren’t just for the wetter weeks. That white + beige +caramel + nude combo that seems to be quite popular on the streets of South Yarra should be saved for your fave frappacino – on a human, it needs to be broken up.

To keep it ‘winter white’, opt to wear it with traditional winter tones and/or darker accessories. If you wear a white top with light grey pants, team it with black heels and a black bag for a more seasonal look with a bit of edge. With lighter jeans, throw on a leather jacket.

Have fun with white this season, just go easy on the ‘moisturiser’.

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About Nikki

Nikki Pash is one half of the fashion-blogging powerhouse duo STATES OF STYLE. The brainchild of cousins Nikki and Michelle, the girls have always appreciated the distinctive ways individuals can create a unique outfit that represents their own personality.

Nikki’s style is distinctly Melbourne and recently featured in Harper’s BAZAAR. Whether it’s mixing a graphic tee with a flowing skirt and a chunky necklace, or donning a slinky little black dress – the sky’s the limit when it comes to style for Nikki!

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