July 2017 was the biggest month Chapel Street – ever! Amongst the cold, wind and rain of a Melbourne Winter burned the searing embers of PROVOCARÈ Chapel Street Winter Arts. A 10 day art festival born to awaken Chapel Street’s mid year slumber.

While Provocare did it’s job to provoke, challenge and arouse – new businesses in the Precinct played their role too! What was new to Chapel Street in July 2017? A national retailer, a nutso-genius Japanese hybrid, a Japanese biker bar and BEN – who’s all kale and namaste.

New to Chapel Street in July 2017

Japanese pizza. Japanese tacos. Japanese burgers. It’s all a little nutso – or genius depending on how you look at it. This Windsor newcomer is a New York styled cocktail bar and restaurant that is sure to get the cool kids excited – not only is it painfully lavish, but the food is next level exciting and they pour a damn good drop! It tops our must visit list for July – so get the squad together, split a sushi pizza and toast to good times.

113 Chapel St, Windsor

New to Chapel Street in July 2017

Bosozoku HQ takes on a rougher, edgier side of Japan with a street aesthetic. It’s big, bold and gawd damn cool. Burgers, bright colours and a jumble of furniture that is meant to make you feel like you’re in a Tokyo back alley, sharing a sake with your local street gang. While it sure looks the part, you’ll be glad to know the food is perfectly Chapel Street, and there isn’t the slightest bikey whiff to the place. There is however a dry ice spa, clear espresso martinis and a tough guard dog named Chaos, who loves a pat. Get down there and check out the hype!

34A Bray St, South Yarra

New to Chapel Street in July 2017

Let’s get real. We all love fast food. These guys aren’t arguing that – they just want to make fast food good for you too. You know what, we love em’ for it! 100% unprocessed, natural, GMO and unrefined sugar free. It’s the perfect place to take your buddy who’s allergic to life or going a little hard on the gains. Bonus: You’ll get a totes yummo bite too!

670 Chapel Street, South Yarra

New to Chapel Street in July 2017

Bright lights with a minimal industrial feel, Fat Boy Hair is illuminating the need for good quality products from a barber shop pop up in South Yarra. We don’t know how long this NY native will be around, so stop in soon for seriously good product & an experience that hits all the right spots.

397 Chapel Street, South Yarra

New to Chapel Street in July 2017

The Academy Brand is bringing superbly basic mens wear, that is both affordable and luxe, to Chapel Street. You say it can’t be so? Baby, you’re wrong. While we’re not short of amazing menswear on Chapel, The Academy Brand brings their own take on casual streetwear that is bridging the gap between on-trend and wearable. Check it out.

413 Chapel Street, South Yarra

New to Chapel Street in July 2017

We know, The Smith isn’t new – but their HOT new look definitely is! After a short hiatus, The Smith is back and sporting a brand new fitout, menu and overall feel. The walls are emblazoned with Ash Keating’s signature art and you’ll notice a few cheeky quotes dotted around the joint too. The menu has been doused in delicious asian flavours and trusty favourites like Kansas City ribs are like delicious surprises amongst the east-centric bites. The Smith’s overhaul is much welcomed on High Street, but honestly, we’re just pumped to have an old favourite back again!

213 High Street, Prahran

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