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St Edmonds is a step back from Chapel Street but during peak meal times it certainly transplants the hubbub of that street onto its somewhat sleepier strip. Yet caff-fiends manage to rise above the chatter and clatter for their daily fix. Situated near the corner of Greville Street and St Edmonds Road (who’d have guessed?) the café has been converted from a former garage with a little help from design studio Projects of Imagination. In homage to the space’s former incarnation, they pull off an industrial vibe with unexpected warmth. An old roller door remains as do some original fittings, there’s both exposed and whitewashed brickwork and metal stools if you manage to score a seat. The man behind the scenes, Adam Wilkinson, (ex-Woodstock Espresso and Small World) knows his stuff when it comes to coffee and hospitality. What we know; there’s nothing quite as nice as a coveted seat in St Edmonds courtyard on a sunny day with a cup of chai or single origin and a newspaper for company.


They are so obsessive about coffee over at Market Lane you’ll never have to get fussy about where your beans are from, how long they are roasted or the best method with which to brew your cup of Joe. Market Lane ensures nothing but the best for lucky Prahran market patrons.


Who is the Duke? We really don’t mind when a caffeine hit is this carefully crafted. As foretold by the name Duke’s Coffee Roasters roast their own beans so impressively they supply a multitude of other cafes too.


The Pound is an easy, no nonsense meeting spot or rest stop from the perils of shopping. The coffee is reliable, the service is friendly. Don’t forget to pick up one of Sugadeaux’s sublime cupcakes at the counter to go with your latte.


The inventively named My Friend the Peacock is an antidote to a plethora of sleek cafes. It’s certainly colorful and a bit ramshackle, but that only adds to a creative, relaxed vibe.

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