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Katuk’s pledge to have your drink in hand – no matter how fancy – in four minutes or less!  So what to drink?  The fusion of passionfruit vodka, limoncello and vanilla in the Katuk’s Passion cocktail has become a permanent fixture on the menu lest the regulars protest at its absence.  There are many more reasons other than the menu to kick back in Katuk’s cosy library room lined with books. However the best may be their regular donations to the Elephant Nature Park. So go on, order another; you’re just helping them save the animals one sip at a time.


Borsch, Vodka and Tears takes the middle part of their name very seriously. There are over 100 imported (mostly from Poland) vodkas on offer at this bohemian nightspot. At this point it may come handy to be familiar with the Polish version of “cheers”; Na Zdrowie!


So what is all the Hoo Haa about? It seems it’s about very good cocktails (either with dinner or as the main course all on their own) at this chic, gleaming bar. Up the stairs, behind the door, Hoo Haa is worth hunting out.


The Astor Theatre has been espousing the joys of cinema since 1936 (did they even have electricity back then? Or movies for that matter?). The art deco building is still the place to catch the classics – from spaghetti westerns to retro horror – in a double bill.


As a brother venue to Fitrzoy’s Bimbo Deluxe, Lucky Coq relies on a crowd-pleasing formula. Cheap gourmet pizza + good beer + free pool + infused vodka = win!

Let the locals give you the lowdown

  • Soda Rocks once more!

    Soda Rocks once more!

  • Winter In Asia!

    Winter In Asia!

  • Diida fashion's Grand Opening!

    Diida fashion's Grand Opening!

  • Eat'aliano by Pino Grand Opening!

    Eat'aliano by Pino Grand Opening!

  • Sister of Society: Now Open!

    Sister of Society: Now Open!

  • Art Town Celebrations!

    Art Town Celebrations!

  • Perla Launch Party

    Perla Launch Party

  • One Last Skate

    One Last Skate

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