Top Five Loves
Retro Romance

Nostalgia is a wonderful thing. It makes us think that 1950’s and 60 America was exactly like the set of Happy Days if we’re far too young to remember the reign of JFK (and sometimes even if we are). Nostalgia makes us pine for the days of Elvis and Marilyn Monroe and Sinatra; a time when apparently the only worry was making sure your T-Bird was gleaming just so in time for a big Friday night date. For a modern-day date night with a retro edge, snuggle into a booth at Soda Rock Diner and forget the worries of the past five decades. Try the Big Bopper burger or a Hound Dog with all the trimmings as vintage 1940’s jukeboxes play the golden oldies. So guys grab your girls and share a malt (that’s like a milkshake to those of you born after 1980) the old-fashioned way. She might even agree to hold your hand.


The Europeans have known for years that there’s nothing more charming than a pretty girl riding a bike. Bonus points if it’s vintage. Northside Wheelers can supply you with a classic ride, along with decades old cycling magazines and heritage paraphernalia. Ride off into the sunset together on your new old bikes.


Though someone has cheekily crossed out the name to make it into something more politically correct, we still love Fat Helens just as she is. This vintage and second hand store is full of offbeat fashion and trashy treasures sure to make your date smile.


For thousands of years the human race has seduced each other through the art of dance. Your random nightclub shuffling isn’t going to cut it. Try the classics and learn to tango, salsa or jive with the best of them at The Space Dance and Arts Centre.

Let the locals give you the lowdown

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    Soda Rocks once more!

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    Winter In Asia!

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    Diida fashion's Grand Opening!

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    Eat'aliano by Pino Grand Opening!

  • Sister of Society: Now Open!

    Sister of Society: Now Open!

  • Art Town Celebrations!

    Art Town Celebrations!

  • Perla Launch Party

    Perla Launch Party

  • One Last Skate

    One Last Skate

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